Organic flaxseed oil 250 ml
An oil with a slightly yellowish color and a slightly bitter taste, thanks to cold pressing. Flaxseed oil...
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4,53 ₮ 4.53 USD₮
Vivam Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil 30 ml
Its vitamin E content is extremely high. It strengthens the immune system, speeds up the regeneration process....
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11,97 ₮ 11.97 USD₮
Ecomil organic almond cooking cream 200 ml
Plant-based cream free from lactose, cholesterol, and soy.
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3,24 ₮ 3.24 USD₮
Happy rice rice drink with calcium UHT 1000 ml
HAPPY RICE DRINK WITH CALCIUM 1000ML water, rice (10.6%), sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, ...
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Natur organic sesame oil 250 ml
NATUR ORGANIC SESAME OIL Sesame oil contains natural antioxidants in addition to manganese, nickel, and iron...
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12,68 ₮ 12.68 USD₮
Rabbit Wortel Drink 400g
ZAJIC SOY MILK POWDER These products can be an excellent alternative for people suffering from lactose intolerance....
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6,20 ₮ 6.2 USD₮
All-co 24% coconut cream 200 ml
Lactose- and gluten-free vegan product. Suitable for replacing cream or sour cream, for baking, cooking, and desserts. It can be used for desserts, Asian dishes, and ice creams, we can replace animal-based cream in every area. Excellent for replacing cream in a dairy-free diet, whether it's lactose intolerance, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or ketogenic diet.
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1,74 ₮ 1.74 USD₮
The Bridge organic oat milk for barista 1000 ml
Excellent milk substitute alternative, whether due to food sensitivity or for the sake of your health...
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3,95 ₮ 3.95 USD₮
Naturol sesame oil 100 ml
Sesame oil prevents the proliferation of skin cancer cells, heals burns, ulcers, boils...
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5,00 ₮ 5.0 USD₮
UHT Coconut Cream Kara 200ml
Cholesterol freePreservative freeNo added flavorNo coloringGluten free
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1,83 ₮ 1.83 USD₮
Grapoila cold-pressed poppy seed oil 250 ml
An oil with a pale yellow color and a characteristic scent of poppy seeds. Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which...
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9,50 ₮ 9.5 USD₮
Balint organic milk thistle seed oil cold pressed 100% 50 ml
What is marithornseed oil good for? Digestive problems reliefTreatment of stomach problemsDetoxifying effect
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11,97 ₮ 11.97 USD₮
The Bridge organic rice-coconut milk 1000 ml
A coconut and rice-based drink from certified organic farming, which is an excellent alternative to dairy and soy-based dairy products. The product is made in a unique, patented manufacturing process.
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4,23 ₮ 4.23 USD₮
Gere Villány grape seed oil 100% 250 ml
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it protects the body's immune system, improves vision, and helps the heart...
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11,76 ₮ 11.76 USD₮
Ecomil organic coconut milk for culinary use 500 ml
100% plant-based and lactose-free (suitable for vegetarians and vegans). Contains less than 8% fat!
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6,33 ₮ 6.33 USD₮
Riso Scotti vital almond rice milk 1000 ml
Riso Vital Rizsital with almonds, B12 and D vitamins, calcium, vegan and gluten-free.
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4,13 ₮ 4.13 USD₮
4,35 ₮ 4.3500000000000005 USD₮
Naturtanya Dr.Natur food from red grape seed flour finely ground 250g
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3,84 ₮ 3.84 USD₮
The Bridge organic coconut drink 1000 ml
An excellent milk substitute alternative, whether due to food sensitivities or for the sake of health protection...
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4,11 ₮ 4.11 USD₮
4,52 ₮ 4.5200000000000005 USD₮
Solio wheat germ oil 200 ml
Due to the cold-press process, oils retain their original vitamin content and flavors. Without additives and...
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9,15 ₮ 9.15 USD₮
The Bridge organic rice milk with cocoa 250 ml
Organic rice-based cocoa plant drink from controlled ecological cultivation, 100% BIO. Enjoy cold and...
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1,76 ₮ 1.76 USD₮
Trigram coconut oil 2500 ml
Due to the hot weather, we can only send bucketed coconut oils via courier at your own risk. In case the product gets damaged or leaks during shipping, we cannot take responsibility for any resulting damage. We recommend opting for personal pickup of coconut oils in the summer heat, or choosing refill packaging instead of buckets for shipping. Thank you for your understanding! Refined, colorless, odorless. Does not contain allergenic substances.
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19,01 ₮ 19.01 USD₮
6,60 ₮ 6.6000000000000005 USD₮
Dr. Herz flaxseed oil 100% cold pressed 50 ml
The product contains over 50% of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, ...
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5,00 ₮ 5.0 USD₮
BioMenü organic black cumin seed oil 100 ml
Oil for health and beauty! A product made entirely from 100% natural black cumin seed oil. Produced by cold pressing GMO-free black cumin seeds. Without preservatives, flavorings, and colorings.
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15,90 ₮ 15.9 USD₮
Naturgreen organic coconut-chocolate dessert 250 g
Coconut dessert with a distinctive cocoa flavor.
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6,53 ₮ 6.53 USD₮
Natural tomato juice 1000 ml
Zabital. Ultra-high temperature treated.
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2,82 ₮ 2.82 USD₮
Ecomil organic bechamel sauce 200 ml
Product description: BIO ECOMIL BECHAMEL SAUCE/CREAM 200ML Product composition: Water,...
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4,01 ₮ 4.01 USD₮
Joya dream rice drink 0% sugar UHT 1000 ml
Contains 100% plant-based ingredients, lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free. Suitable for vegans...
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3,21 ₮ 3.21 USD₮
Bertolli olive oil spray extra virgin 200 ml
Product DescriptionExtra virgin olive oil is the result of the first cold pressing of olives. It has a fruity flavor and harmonious taste. Recommended for salads, vegetables, and cold dishes.
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13,28 ₮ 13.280000000000001 USD₮
The Bridge organic rice milk natural 1000 ml
A natural flavored, rice-based drink from certified organic farming, which is an excellent alternative...
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3,59 ₮ 3.59 USD₮
Natur organic poppy seed oil 100 ml
NATUR ORGANIC POPPYSEED Poppyseed is a true treasure in the Hungarian and neighboring countries' culinary culture....
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6,90 ₮ 6.9 USD₮
Solio sesame oil 200 ml
Product DescriptionSOLIO SESAME OIL We have recognized the increasing demand for the gentle production of vegetable oils in healthy nutrition, and for this purpose we have been developing our product range and our facility year by year.
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8,45 ₮ 8.45 USD₮
4,52 ₮ 4.5200000000000005 USD₮