3,03 ₮ 3.0300000000000002 USD₮
Mecsek Cleansing Herbal Tea Blend 100 g
To remove and prevent the buildup of toxins in the human body...
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4,41 ₮ 4.41 USD₮
Naturland fruit tea with cranberry and ginger orange peel 20x2g 40g
A caffeine-free fruit tea that can be enjoyed cold or hot at any time of the day...
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5,84 ₮ 5.84 USD₮
Naturgreen organic balsamic vinegar 250 ml
Organic balsamic vinegar. Vegan product.
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8,57 ₮ 8.57 USD₮
Saffron whole, 10 g by Lakshmi
Saffron has been featured among cultivated herbs since the Middle Ages. The red stigmas of the saffron crocus are harvested by hand...
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2,69 ₮ 2.69 USD₮
Paleo Almond Flour ( Hungarian Ground ) 500 g
Sweet, blanched almond meal. Not defatted. Besides baked goods and breads, it is also excellent for making marzipan and macarons.
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12,54 ₮ 12.540000000000001 USD₮
Due to its positive impact on the circulatory system, many athletes use the product...
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65,46 ₮ 65.46000000000001 USD₮
Naturland Swedish drops 40 medicinal herbs 1% 500+500ml 1000 ml
The active ingredient of the product is Swedish Bitters tincture, whose components provide: appetite stimulation,...
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17,01 ₮ 17.01 USD₮
Dr. Riedl 24-hour skin-renewing face cream 50 ml
for normal skin with plant-based hyaluronic acid, ceramides, argan oil, UV filter, reducing the depth of wrinkles
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10,80 ₮ 10.8 USD₮
First Pest oat flakes fine 500 g
Smaller flake size, cooks faster, can be soaked.
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2,39 ₮ 2.39 USD₮
Pietro Coricelli grape seed oil 1000 ml
Energy 3378kj Fat 92g (saturated 10g Unsaturated 20g Polyunsaturated 62g) Sugar 0 Protein 0 Salt...
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20,10 ₮ 20.1 USD₮
Bath Salt with Aloe Vera 1kg Parajdi
Parajdi salt is one of the highest quality salts in the world, containing 84 different minerals. Parajdi salt is hand-mined and ground salt, free from any environmental pollutants or additives. What sets it apart from other salts is that (this is visibly shown on its appearance) its natural mud, which contains unique natural oil essence, is not removed from it. This mud is also used in medicine.
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3,75 ₮ 3.75 USD₮
Pure Nature contains 100% natural ingredients, free from any artificial colors, flavor enhancers,...
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9,51 ₮ 9.51 USD₮
Erythritol (erythritol) 25kg liquid
A plant-based natural sweetener, which is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar. It is recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the sweet taste without guilt, or who experiences diarrhea from other sweeteners, dislikes their aftertaste, or prefers not to use artificial sweeteners. Kris Gunnar's study on erythritol is available on Gabor Szendi's website: https://www.tenyek-tevhitek.hu/az-eritrit-a-tokeletes-edesitoszer-minden-mellekhatas-nelkul.htm?
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250,74 ₮ 250.74 USD₮
5,49 ₮ 5.49 USD₮
For a restful sleep, in case of tiredness
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8,48 ₮ 8.48 USD₮
It's a pack of spaghetti dry pasta with green peas and garlic cloves 200g
Gluten and egg-free green pea pasta with chicory inulin, dietary fiber, and protein source, very...
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3,60 ₮ 3.6 USD₮
Ingredients: plant proteins (wheat, soy), rice flour, plant fibers, soy isolate,...
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4,20 ₮ 4.2 USD₮
Dr. Chen jujube fruit whole 100 g
A natural snack, a healthy treat, perfect to be enjoyed with tea or added into soup...
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6,21 ₮ 6.21 USD₮
Paleo Turkish Hazelnut Dragee 100 g
Turkish hazelnuts covered in chocolate sweetened with erythritol
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3,14 ₮ 3.14 USD₮
Product description: MAXXIMUS L-CARNITINE 3000 COCONUT-PINEAPPLE FLAVOR 1000ML Product composition: Drinking water,...
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2,13 ₮ 2.13 USD₮
Solio pumpkin seed oil 200 ml
Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil
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9,18 ₮ 9.18 USD₮
Ricola elderflower candy 40g
13 exclusively Swiss-grown herbal candy. Recommended for colds and sore throats,...
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2,03 ₮ 2.0300000000000002 USD₮
Glulu Freefrom sugar-free coconut cookies 100 g
Ingredients: water, brown rice flour, coconut oil, sweetener (erythritol), gluten-free oat flour, sorghum flour, brown rice bran, coconut flakes 3%, bamboo fiber, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), Himalayan salt.
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2,19 ₮ 2.19 USD₮
Chamomile essential oil is a natural essential oil. It is not 100% essential oil. Manufacturer/distributor: Hasti Kft....
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2,69 ₮ 2.69 USD₮
WTN Aluminum-Free Deodorant Against Excessive Sweating 100 ml
Introducing the Wise Tree Naturals' most famous and beloved deodorant, which has proven itself over the years. You hold in your hands that deodorant that has become a favorite for many women and men. If you belong to the minority who sweat excessively, this is the effective solution for you! Get to know and make friends with that huge minority who have been voting for the WTN aluminum-free deodorant against excessive sweating for a long time!
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7,52 ₮ 7.5200000000000005 USD₮
Pharmacoidea Optimal Blood Sugar Level Extra 60 pcs
Extracts of GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE and BANABA, along with CHROMIUM, contribute to maintaining normal blood sugar levels...
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27,53 ₮ 27.53 USD₮
Natur TanyaŽ Magnesium Bisglycinate 90+ 10 capsules
Natur Tanya® MAGNESIUM-BISGLYCINATE - 100% magnesium bisglycinate chelate, well-absorbed organic magnesium, in family size packaging.
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19,62 ₮ 19.62 USD₮
Vitaking Profi Multi Senior 30 pcs
For intensive work or regular exercising...
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39,65 ₮ 39.65 USD₮
Netamin collagen peptides 200 g
Hydrolyzed Type I collagen peptides. Easy, quickly soluble powder, with neutral taste and...
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30,14 ₮ 30.14 USD₮
Preparation: cooking in 2-3 minutes. With raisins, honey, dried or fresh fruits, oily...
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1,55 ₮ 1.55 USD₮
Poppy Seed Oil 250 ml
Cold-pressed poppy seed oil is very versatile and can be used for salads, dressing with lemon, as well as for desserts...
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9,03 ₮ 9.03 USD₮
Village Bread Flour Mix Pantry, 200 g
Delicious rustic bread from your own kitchen, without fermentation or long waiting, with simple ingredients. If it's important to you or your family to consume a bread that most closely resembles traditional bread in appearance and taste, then this flour mix is tailored for you. It's a balanced flour mix with which we can enjoy the consumption of Palao bread without strong, distinctive flavors. It's easily digestible, provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety, and is a good source of fiber. It makes a side-taste free, natural bread. REDUCED CARBOHYDRATE CONTENTHIGH FIBER CONTENTNEUTRAL TASTE
BAM Score: 0,50
5,69 ₮ 5.69 USD₮
Magic Milk lactose-free iced coffee with milk 500 ml
Ingredients: Milk (70%); Coffee extract [sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, thickeners (E 1422, E412),...
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2,90 ₮ 2.9 USD₮
Perfekt Natura cold-pressed sunflower oil 1000 ml
Ingredients: hulled sunflower seeds, no chemical substances or additives. For baking, cooking,...
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7,77 ₮ 7.7700000000000005 USD₮
Michio Kushi: Cancer Preventative and Healing Diet 1 pc
Michio Kushi (1926) is the most well-known researcher and teacher of macrobiotics today. This Japanese-American young man began teaching modern macrobiotics rooted in the Far East in the United States in the 1950s. Michio Kushi is the author of dozens of books, the founder and president of the East West Foundation, the Kushi Foundation, and the One Peaceful World Foundation, recognized for his anti-cancer activities by scientific, American legislative, and UN awards. Michio Kushi lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States, and nearby is the institute bearing his name, which serves as the world center for macrobiotic theory and practice. Thousands of people have learned the basics of macrobiotics there, and many have deepened their knowledge, which forms the cornerstone of understanding how one's personality and behavior are shaped by their environment, especially the food they consume.
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17,19 ₮ 17.19 USD₮