Dr. Riedl 24-hour skin-renewing face cream 50 ml
for normal skin with plant-based hyaluronic acid, ceramides, argan oil, UV filter, reducing the depth of wrinkles
BAM Score: 0,50
10,80 ₮ 10.8 USD₮
WTN Aluminum-Free Deodorant Against Excessive Sweating 100 ml
Introducing the Wise Tree Naturals' most famous and beloved deodorant, which has proven itself over the years. You hold in your hands that deodorant that has become a favorite for many women and men. If you belong to the minority who sweat excessively, this is the effective solution for you! Get to know and make friends with that huge minority who have been voting for the WTN aluminum-free deodorant against excessive sweating for a long time!
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7,52 ₮ 7.5200000000000005 USD₮
Love2Smile Grape Seed Oil Soap 125 g
Grapeseed oil soap with shea butter. A chemical-free, colorless, and fragrance-free soap with main ingredients...
BAM Score: 0,50
7,94 ₮ 7.94 USD₮
Legenda nettle goat milk soap 95 g
Nettle has been used as a medicinal herb in folk medicine for centuries, it is excellent for treating oily skin...
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4,23 ₮ 4.23 USD₮
HERBATINT 10N PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR DYE: Does not contain henna Plant-based colorants Compatible with others...
BAM Score: 0,50
14,97 ₮ 14.97 USD₮
Sövénykút goat milk soap with goat milk acid, 100 g
The ingredients of Sövénykúti Goat Milk House Soap provide flexibility and a wonderful feeling...
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4,23 ₮ 4.23 USD₮
Soliteint deep firming liposome face cream 50 ml
Day cream specially developed for the care of mature skin. The special active ingredients are encapsulated in liposomes for an...
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4,43 ₮ 4.43 USD₮
Lady Stella olive oil based massage cream 1000 ml
A massage cream with softening effect, which provides a smooth texture thanks to its rich oily ingredients...
BAM Score: 0,50
12,90 ₮ 12.9 USD₮
Armonia school shampoo 300 ml
The base of the 'Suli' shampoo is tea tree oil, which fights against head lice appearing in childhood.
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12,57 ₮ 12.57 USD₮
Naturissimo lemon balm-willow teen face cleansing gel 100 ml
BAM Score: 0,50
9,06 ₮ 9.06 USD₮
Fragrance-free Mollis massage cream 1000 ml
The Mollis scented, paraben-free and mineral oil-free Massage Cream is primarily intended for professionals...
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9,53 ₮ 9.53 USD₮
Naturland mosquito and tick repellent spray 100 ml
Effective against blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, ticks).
BAM Score: 0,50
9,45 ₮ 9.450000000000001 USD₮
Quickly absorbing, skin-smoothing cream with rose petal extract. Regular use reduces...
BAM Score: 0,50
5,94 ₮ 5.94 USD₮
Silanus rosemary body lotion 250 ml
The Rosemary body lotion has antibacterial properties. It softens and makes the skin more elastic. Recommended for oily skin...
BAM Score: 0,50
12,21 ₮ 12.21 USD₮
1,89 ₮ 1.8900000000000001 USD₮
Yamuna bath bomb orange-cinnamon 1 pc
At the end of a tiring day, it's time for some well-deserved relaxation! Drop a bath bomb in the tub and...
BAM Score: 0,50
3,39 ₮ 3.39 USD₮
Charlotte creamy soap with cocoa butter and coconut oil 500 ml
Velvety smooth cream soap with the hydrating effect of coconut oil and intoxicatingly pleasant, sweet scent. Gentle pampering for the skin.
BAM Score: 0,50
3,17 ₮ 3.17 USD₮
Recommended for use prior to high-intensity workouts, supporting the warm-up process,...
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6,75 ₮ 6.75 USD₮
Nesti soap romantica coconut-frangipani 250 g
The usual Nesti Dante soaps come in exotic, tropical scents. The St. Barth soap with coconut fragrance...
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7,77 ₮ 7.7700000000000005 USD₮
The greatness of the MediNatural C-vitamin facial cleansing gel lies in the fact that it removes makeup from the very first use...
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19,49 ₮ 19.490000000000002 USD₮
Inecto Naturals Coconut Rich Nourishing Shampoo 500 ml
Say goodbye to dry and damaged hair! Nourish your strands with pure coconut oil! Take care and...
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4,49 ₮ 4.49 USD₮
Real glycerin soap with honey 255 g
Recommended for sensitive skin, 3x85g soap wrapped in cellophane
BAM Score: 0,50
6,32 ₮ 6.32 USD₮
Lady Stella Olive Beauty 24-Hour Cell Renewal Face Cream 100 ml
Intensive skin filler, cell renewing, anti-aging product rich in natural antioxidants...
BAM Score: 0,50
8,66 ₮ 8.66 USD₮
HERBATINT 6D GOLDEN DARK BLONDE HAIR DYE: Herbal coloring agents Compatible with other hair dyes...
BAM Score: 0,50
14,97 ₮ 14.97 USD₮
7,77 ₮ 7.7700000000000005 USD₮
7,80 ₮ 7.8 USD₮
Yamuna bath bomb with lavender oil, 1 pc
Immerse yourself in a bathtub full of lavender oil bubble bath - and you will see the world in a better light...
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3,32 ₮ 3.3200000000000003 USD₮
Florinda soap green flower 200 g
Plant-based soap produced with traditional Italian technology. Florinda soaps are excellent...
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5,49 ₮ 5.49 USD₮
Biomed Black Mud Cream 60 g
Bigiba Cream is recommended for skin care to assist in the absorption of bruises and hematomas acquired during injuries and falls, as a complement to treatments following bone fractures. Continuous use is recommended for a maximum of two weeks.
BAM Score: 0,50
3,63 ₮ 3.63 USD₮
Varga herbal caffeine shampoo 240 ml
A pleasantly scented, herbal shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Its composition and...
BAM Score: 0,50
4,65 ₮ 4.65 USD₮
Lady Stella natural life hair follicle inflammation reducing cream 100 ml
Regular use prevents inflammation of hair follicles, helps the surface of the skin to regenerate....
BAM Score: 0,50
6,66 ₮ 6.66 USD₮
Stella herbal life hair tonic for hair loss 125 ml
Natural ingredients - arnica, dandelion, sage, watercress, ivy, pine - ...
BAM Score: 0,50
5,25 ₮ 5.25 USD₮
Faith In Nature Jojoba Hair Conditioner 400 ml
Recommended for normal or dry hair. Nourishing. Jojoba binds moisture to the skin, thus...
BAM Score: 0,50
9,39 ₮ 9.39 USD₮
Herbatint 8r Copper Blonde Light Hair Dye 135 ml
HERBATINT 8R COPPER BLONDE HAIR DYE: Does not contain henna Vegetable coloring agents Compatible...
BAM Score: 0,50
14,63 ₮ 14.63 USD₮
Naturland sports cream 100 ml
Traditional herbal remedy, the regular use of which is particularly beneficial...
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8,16 ₮ 8.16 USD₮
Nesti Dante Bionatura Wild Raspberry Soap 250 g
Nesti Dante's latest soaps contain organic certified ingredients. They do not contain sulfates,...
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7,77 ₮ 7.7700000000000005 USD₮