Customer Program

To support our customers, we've created a unique basket chain algorithm, and I'd like to introduce its essence to you in a few words.

When you shop at Bigiba, a gift collection basket is created in the basket chain with every product purchase. You can know the size of these baskets even before making a purchase. It's indicated on the product page, next to the BAM Score.
The BAM Score shows the value of your purchase and how it relates to the size of the resulting gift collection basket.

This basket chain is global. This means that baskets follow each other in chronological order regardless of where the purchase takes place, whether it's in a different country or continent. Therefore, in the future, you could receive gifts in your basket from people you don't even know, possibly from the other side of the world. Cool, right? 🙂

Gifts generated from future purchases will go into the gift collection baskets created by your purchases. When a basket is filled, its contents will be credited to your balance, and you can use it freely. You can choose to withdraw it for yourself or use it to shop at Bigiba for whatever you like.

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If you click on the "Gift Basket" label below the BAM Score on the product page, you can see the numbers needed to calculate the basket size, which may not mean anything to you now, but after watching the next video, everything will become clear.