Mecsek Cleansing Herbal Tea Blend 100 g
To remove and prevent the buildup of toxins in the human body...
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4,41 ₮ 4.41 USD₮
For a restful sleep, in case of tiredness
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8,48 ₮ 8.48 USD₮
Ukko Dream Weaver tea blend 100 g
UKKO Night Tea Blend promises light dreams, restful nights, and offers a natural solution to address sleep and falling asleep-related issues, prevents the formation of stress spirals, and protects against the health-damaging effects caused by sleep problems.
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14,58 ₮ 14.58 USD₮
Mecsek Winter King's Herbal Tea 20x1.5g 30g
The tea blend effectively reduces the symptoms of colds, its regular consumption has an immune-boosting effect.
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3,87 ₮ 3.87 USD₮
Pharmacy fairytale herbal tea for children, tea with rose hip and sea buckthorn and marshmallow 20x1,5g
Product description: Organic filtered tea for children. Suitable from 9 months. Ingredients: 30% organic plantain leaf, 25% organic rose hip, 15% organic sea buckthorn, organic anise, organic wild thyme leaf, organic peppermint leaf, 5% organic licorice.
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6,03 ₮ 6.03 USD₮
Teekanne rose hip tea 20x2.7g 54g
Ingredients: rosehip, hibiscus
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Herbex Milk Thistle Fruit Tea 20x3g 60g
It can be used to protect the liver and gallbladder. It can have a favorable effect on the regeneration of the liver from excessive medication...
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2,60 ₮ 2.6 USD₮
DR.CHEN BLOOD PRESSURE REDUCING TEA LUOBUMA 20X2G: high blood pressure regulating tea, Not just a tea...
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5,30 ₮ 5.3 USD₮
Mecsek St. John's Wort 25x1g 25 g
To alleviate mild neurotic, depressive symptoms (menopausal complaints, nervousness accompanied by exhaustion)...
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2,78 ₮ 2.7800000000000002 USD₮
Mecsek Peppermint Leaf Tea 25x1g 25 g
Plant extract is antispasmodic, cholagogue, carminative and antibacterial. For...
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3,36 ₮ 3.36 USD₮
Mecsek Honey Bear Tea 20x1.5g 30g
Mecsek Mézes Mackó tea, made from Rooibos and selected medicinal herbs, does not contain stimulants.
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3,53 ₮ 3.5300000000000002 USD₮
Boszy anti-cold tea blend 20x1.75g 35g
Product DescriptionTea for front sensitivity
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3,11 ₮ 3.11 USD₮
Dr. Chen's monks' pears are 3 pieces
In a traditional application, it helps maintain the proper condition of the airways. Diabetics...
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6,33 ₮ 6.33 USD₮
Mecsek wild rose leaf tea 25x1.2g 30 g
The tea made from dog rose leaves helps with viral infections accompanied by cough, sore throat, respiratory tract inflammation, and cold.
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2,99 ₮ 2.99 USD₮
Tafedim tea 20 g
If you have mild gastrointestinal symptoms such as mild diarrhea, stomach ache, stomach...
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12,71 ₮ 12.71 USD₮
Mecsek Weight Loss Tea Pineapple + Yerba Mate Tea 100 g
An efficient and gentle companion in weight loss! Its ingredients stimulate metabolism, detoxify, ...
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6,11 ₮ 6.11 USD₮
Mecsek laxative herbal tea blend 100 g
Stimulating bile secretion, aiding digestion, disinfecting, reducing inflammation, and providing mild antispasmodic effects, ...
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4,41 ₮ 4.41 USD₮
Mecsek children's cough tea 20x1g 20g
Bigiba Children's Cough Tea Mecsek helps with respiratory infections, mucus formation accompanied by cough, ...
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4,01 ₮ 4.01 USD₮
Medicinal herb Peppermint 50 g
Thanks to its active ingredients, it has a good wind-driving, antispasmodic, and digestive-enhancing effect (enhancing bile production),...
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2,01 ₮ 2.0100000000000002 USD₮
Mecsek nettle leaf tea 25x1g 25 g
The leaves and roots of burdock have a diuretic and urine-stimulating effect. Root extracts are diuretic and beneficial for prostate...
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3,05 ₮ 3.0500000000000003 USD₮
Sun Moon Has and Body Slimming Tea 20x2g 40g
After meals, 2-3 times a day. Soak a filter in 3 deciliters of hot water for 3-4 minutes, then...
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5,58 ₮ 5.58 USD₮
Ginger and sea buckthorn tea Apotheke 20x2g 40 g
Product Description APOTHEKE GINGER AND SEA BUCKTHORN TEA Immune system boosting tea blend with vitamin C revitalizing body and mind, thanks to ginger content helps prevent bloating and promotes digestion.
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6,06 ₮ 6.0600000000000005 USD₮
Dr. Chen's Instant Lung No.1 Tea, 12 pcs
For supporting the lungs, respiratory tract, and immune system. Instantly soluble herbal concentrate.
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10,44 ₮ 10.44 USD₮
Zöldvér green mix 18 powder 150 g
GREEN BLOOD GREEN MIX 18 POWDER. Strongly alkalizing and antioxidant, green plants, beetroot, vitamin C...
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21,14 ₮ 21.14 USD₮
Hot beverage in damp weather for protecting the airways
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7,49 ₮ 7.49 USD₮
Dr. Chen ginseng-ginkgo-green tea 20x3g 60g
In this tea blend, we have combined the enjoyable qualities of green tea with two very valuable...
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4,88 ₮ 4.88 USD₮
Mecsek liver tea blend 100 g
For liver protection and during the recovery phase following hepatitis, both alone and in combination with...
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4,41 ₮ 4.41 USD₮
Possible chamomile tea 100 g
Mate is a tea-like soft drink, mainly consumed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil...
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5,09 ₮ 5.09 USD₮
Ginger lemon tea Apotheke 20x2g 40 g
Product description APOTHEKE GINGER LEMON TEA ginger, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, citric acid, lime flavor, lemon-lime flavor, lemon balm, elderflower, roasted chicory root, lemon peel
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6,06 ₮ 6.0600000000000005 USD₮
Mecsek lime blossom tea 25x1g 25 g
In case of upper respiratory tract infections, feverish colds, sweating, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antispasmodic,...
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4,28 ₮ 4.28 USD₮
Herbex winter tea with echinacea 20x3g 60 g
Thanks to its herbal composition, it can strengthen the body's resistance. Inflammation...
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2,90 ₮ 2.9 USD₮
Mecsek liverwort tea blend 20x1g 20g
For liver protection and during the recovery phase after liver inflammation, either alone or in combination with...
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4,41 ₮ 4.41 USD₮
Naturcomfort Dance rehearsal herbal tea blend 20x1g 20g
The Bigiba Dancing Practice tea blend is one of the most popular products of NaturComfort Ltd., which helps with joint pains...
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11,43 ₮ 11.43 USD₮
Pavel Vana Cholestcare herbal tea 40x1,6g 64 g
Product Description PAVEL VANA CHOLESTCARE HERBAL TEA Recommended as a dietary supplement for high cholesterol levels.
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6,89 ₮ 6.890000000000001 USD₮
Mecsek Friendship Bush Fruit Tea 25x1.2g 24 g
The raspberry fruit contains active ingredients that can help reduce menstrual symptoms.
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3,45 ₮ 3.45 USD₮
Ukko Prostate Tea Blend 120 g
100% natural herbal tea blendIngredients: white dead-nettle, yarrow, hibiscus, Indian balm, birch leaf
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13,58 ₮ 13.58 USD₮
Mecsek white snowberry tea 25x1g 25 g
White snowberry tea has a mild hypotensive effect and is recommended for high blood pressure.
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2,61 ₮ 2.61 USD₮
Boszy detox mix kidney protective tea 20x1g 20 g
Detox Mix Kidney Protective Filtered Tea
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3,03 ₮ 3.0300000000000002 USD₮