Paleo Coconut Oil 500 ml
Filtered, unhydrogenated coconut oilCoconut oil, also known as coconut fat, is derived from the dried and pressed flesh of the mature coconut palm. It is not only suitable for consumption, but also excellent as a medicine, medicinal product, and a great cosmetic ingredient, indispensable for the industry.Coconut oil ordering in summer:Due to the warm weather, we can only send bucketed coconut oils by courier at your own risk. If the product is damaged or leaked during transport, we cannot be held responsible for any resulting damage. In the summer heat, we recommend ordering coconut oils for personal pickup, or in case of shipping, choosing refill packaging instead of buckets.We appreciate your understanding!
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Pharmacoidea liver protection powder blend 100 g
Sea buckthorn supports the healthy functioning of the immune system. Milk thistle is the most effective liver protector...
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Eden premium easy pasta black bean pasta spirals 200 g
Pleasant-tasting gluten-free dry pasta made from black bean. Ingredients: black bean flour, water, psyllium...
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Mama Drog eyebright herb 50 g
An excellent remedy for certain eye conditions such as a stye or conjunctivitis.
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Dénes-Natura Potato Flakes 500 g
NATURA POTATO FLAKES After complete removal of water content from the potato ...
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Paleo Sesame Horn 250 g
If you want to place pasta on your family's table that closely resembles the real thing in texture, taste, and color palette, this product is an excellent choice!
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Paleo Basil Crumbled 250 g
Natural crumbled basil, free from additives and flavor enhancers.
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Venita ascorbic acid 250 g
Ascorbic acid is an organic acid with antioxidant properties. White or light yellow crystals...
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Mama Drog chamomile flowers 50 g
The essential oils found in chamomile are mainly known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Inhaling chamomile steam helps to...
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Herbal remedy for thyroid - 50 g
Hypothyroidism therapy with supplements. Black cumin seeds, nettle leaves, ginger root, licorice root.
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Paleo Indian Curry Spice Mix 250 g
One of the most popular spice blends in Indian cuisine.
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Jutavit D3- Vitamin 4000 IU 100 mcg Forte 100 pcs
Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D...
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Serena sun-dried tomatoes 100 g
Product without added sugar, preservatives, or SO2. Ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes. In nature...
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Béres Drops Plus 4x30ml 120ml
Product Description Contains essential minerals and trace elements. Its use can prevent and eliminate diseases caused by the lack of various elements.
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St.Dalfour Mixed Fruit Jam 284 g
Jam made with gentle process based on original French traditions, with natural flavor and high fruit content.
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DayUp is perfect for those rushing to work in the morning, a snack for the kids at 10am, or a small treat in the afternoon, but also great for a light energy boost after a workout.
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Haas natural hair fixer 10 g
Hass Natural gluten-free whipped cream stabilizer, 200ml for cream.
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Ice ball shape, Ibili 870500, set of 4 pcs.
A set of 4 molds made of silicone and plastic, suitable for making 5.5 cm diameter ice spheres. You can put lemon, mint or lemon balm, fruit juice, fruit pieces into the mold, fill it with water, and then place it in the freezer. The result is very striking and long-lasting ice cubes for cocktails, lemonades, gin and tonics.
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Detox Plus Tea Blend 20 x 1.75 g for "Detox Cleanses" supplement Usage recommendation: 1-2...
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Dandelion weight tincture 50 ml
Ingredients: purified water KoMiTo, Ethyl alcohol 36V/V%, Artichoke herb, Hawthorn leaf, Licorice root,...
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Innopharm Prosta Plus capsules 400 mg saw palmetto + zinc 60 pcs
The product contains saw palmetto extract and zinc. Saw palmetto extract contributes to...
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Sunvita fruit slices with pineapple, apricots and almonds 30 g
Contains no added sugar. Only the natural sugars found naturally in fruits...
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Vegan Grill smoked grill bass 400 g
Ingredients: wheat gluten, drinking water, oat flakes, wheat flour, corn flour, coconut oil, table salt,...
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Virgin Tea Super CLA (1555 mg x 60 pcs) + cactus extract for weight loss effectiveness.
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Dr. Chen's original Chinese green tea with jasmine (20 x 2 g) 20 pcs
Valuable active ingredients - primarily polyphenols - have antioxidant effects, protecting the cells...
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Floney honey lozenge natural 18 pcs
Reduces inflammation, alleviates pain. Antibacterial and antiviral, thus protects against infections. Eliminates mucous membrane irritation.
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Biorganik bio kukoricadara 500 g
Coarse cornmeal with a rough texture. Made from organic corn.
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Paleolithic Dried Apricot Cubes 10kg, sugar and sulfur-free, freeze-dried
Dried apricots without added sugar, diced and coated in rice flour.
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Biona organic coconut aminos sauce 250 ml
Made from coconut water and a touch of sea salt, coconut aminos sauce provides a perfect alternative to soy sauce, naturally gluten-free and soy-free. This versatile sauce has a sweet and salty flavor, ideal for marinating and seasoning savory dishes.
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Apricot jam 200g natural
Gently prepared, sugar- and sweetener-free natural jam.
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Garlic press, stainless steel Ibili 681900
Curved garlic press stainless steel with comfortable handle design that allows even those with weaker grip or small hands to press garlic. Length 10cm, height 7cm. Dishwasher safe.
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Stella Herb Vita hair tonic for oily-dandruff scalp 125 ml
Natural ingredients - arnica, burdock, sage, watercress, ivy, pine -...
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Hungarian honey manufactory organic acacia honey 250 g
Acacia honey ranges in color from white to a light greenish yellow. It has a pleasant mild taste, reminiscent of acacia flowers...
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Eden premium buckwheat pasta penne 200 g
Energy: 1640 kJ/392 Kcal, Fat: 3.1 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 0.64 g, Carbohydrates: 75.7 g...
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Greenmark organic pine nuts 50 g
It can be used in salads or other dishes, its pleasant flavor comes out even more when toasted.
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Weleda white mallow baby cream 50 ml
Carefully selected, clean, natural ingredients protect, nourish, and effectively regenerate...
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