Immunetec antimicrobial textile impregnation spray, 200 ml
The antimicrobial impregnating spray is one of the newest, uniquely developed products...
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9,92 ₮ 9.92 USD₮
Organic citric acid 1000 g
Natural limescale remover, available in cost-effective packaging.
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Universal hygiene cleaner with spray nozzle 500 ml lavender Frosch
Window blind with plastic pull, aluminum rail, 35 cm, Ecofix
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5,61 ₮ 5.61 USD₮
Greenbiotic eco-friendly kitchen cleaner 500 ml
With a scent of orange, it cleans and efficiently removes dirt in the kitchen using natural and eco-friendly ingredients.
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5,01 ₮ 5.01 USD₮
Thymos limescale remover + 10% free 220 g
Citric acid, household items, machines for descaling, cleaning. Composition: citric acid E330,...
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3,20 ₮ 3.2 USD₮
Frosch Fridge Hygiene Cleaning Spray 300 ml
Frosch hygiene refrigerator cleaner spray 300 ml with juniper extract effectively removes...
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5,79 ₮ 5.79 USD₮
Eco-friendly limescale remover with citric acid, 500g
GREENSHOP LEMON ACID ECO-FRIENDLY LIMESCALE REMOVER: Lemon acid is an excellent limescale remover, and in many ways better...
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7,31 ₮ 7.3100000000000005 USD₮
Jura natural beeswax 140 ml
Beeswax product for wood and leather care. Materials treated with beeswax have a smooth, silky finish...
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5,96 ₮ 5.96 USD₮
Efficient cleaning and degreasing with the power of lemon. Suitable for cleaning of induction and glass-ceramic hobs.
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6,95 ₮ 6.95 USD₮
With a citrus scent. Cleans and removes tough stains in an eco-friendly way using natural ingredients.
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Eco-friendly citric acid descaler for removing limescale, 1000 g
GREENSTORE LEMON ACID ECO-FRIENDLY LIMESCALE REMOVER: Lemon acid is an excellent limescale remover and in many ways better...
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12,53 ₮ 12.530000000000001 USD₮