54,33 ₮ 54.33 USD₮
Herbiovit hand love hydrating hand cream 250 ml
Hand Love moisturizing hand cream for daily care of the hands and nail beds. It contains valuable sweet almond protein, which improves skin hydration. Vegan formula.
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12,50 ₮ 12.5 USD₮
Hemp seed flour (protein) 25kg gross
The product was primarily created to facilitate the Paleo diet, but it can also be easily incorporated into other allergen-free and low-carb diets.
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83,58 ₮ 83.58 USD₮
Paleo Lemon Zest Grated 250 g
Grated lemon zest, free from additives. Excellent ingredient for cakes and desserts.
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8,78 ₮ 8.78 USD₮
Paleo Cocoa Powder 10-12% 250 g
cocoa powder with 10-12% cocoa butter content
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2,51 ₮ 2.5100000000000002 USD₮
Szendi Gábor: Without Duels 1 pc
In his new book, Gábor Szendi analyzes individual and relationship problems.
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20,18 ₮ 20.18 USD₮
4,02 ₮ 4.0200000000000005 USD₮
Konjac noodle shape pasta 400g Shirataki
Konjac, also known as Shirataki noodles, is a traditional Japanese pasta made from the flour of the konjac plant's root. This pasta is commonly referred to as Miracle noodles because it contains only traces of carbohydrates, no sugar or gluten, and is virtually calorie-free. It mainly contains Glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber. It has a very mild flavor, making it versatile for various uses.
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3,75 ₮ 3.75 USD₮
Beach Flower Peach Jam 410g in fruit juice
Peeled, sliced peach compote. In pure fruit juice. Contains no added sugar. Naturally contains sugar.
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3,56 ₮ 3.56 USD₮
Roe deer back shape Ibili 822530 1 pc
30cm long non-stick deer spine shape, 4.2cm high, ideal for making cakes, Stefánia slice, stuffed meatloaf, aspic. Dishwasher safe.
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16,29 ₮ 16.29 USD₮
Paleo Dried Dates Seedless 1000 g
Dried date without pit, does not contain added sugar!
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6,27 ₮ 6.2700000000000005 USD₮
Apricot jam with xylitol 370g Bakos
Handcrafted apricot jam sweetened with xylitol and erythritol, for true connoisseurs.
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4,38 ₮ 4.38 USD₮
Coconut milk powder dairy-free 15kg
Dairy-free. Coconut milk powder is a good replacement for fresh coconut milk and an excellent alternative to animal milk.
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406,20 ₮ 406.2 USD₮
Paleolithic Peeled Almond Ground 500 g
The earth almond's name can be misleading, as it has no connection to real almonds or nuts, it is not a stone fruit and does not grow on trees. Its small tubers should be searched for in the ground, they have a sweet almond-like taste. Perhaps crunchier than almonds, but less distinctive in flavor.
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9,62 ₮ 9.620000000000001 USD₮
Paleolithic Sesame Flour 300 g in Box
The product was primarily created to facilitate paleo diet, but it can also be easily incorporated into diets avoiding other allergens and low in carbohydrates. The sesame flour is made by chemical-free, cold pressing and grinding of sesame seeds.
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3,17 ₮ 3.17 USD₮
1 kg of whole cumin Bigiba
Whole, natural cumin seeds.
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14,63 ₮ 14.63 USD₮
9,53 ₮ 9.53 USD₮
Paleo Popped Amaranth 50g
Uniquely complex in content, with high levels of calcium, magnesium, and iron, popped amaranth grain.
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1,35 ₮ 1.35 USD₮
McKeown: Atomic focus
Harness the power of your mind, become more resilient to stress, and improve your focus with simple techniques!
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25,28 ₮ 25.28 USD₮
Gödrösi Ádám: Superhuman strength Achieve your dream shape with the gymnastics ring! 1 pcs.
Impressive sustained movements, awe-inspiring muscles - with the gymnastics rings, you can truly gain strength and stability. It's time to take your workout to the next level and challenge yourself with perhaps the most exciting tool in gymnastics, alongside the pull-up bar or parallel bars!
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22,74 ₮ 22.740000000000002 USD₮
PALEO Extra Spring Selection 17/1 PÉM 2015/1 + PK 2015/1
Paleo Lifestyle Magazine 2015/1 + Paleo Kitchen 2015/1
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8,04 ₮ 8.040000000000001 USD₮
14,21 ₮ 14.21 USD₮
158,81 ₮ 158.81 USD₮
Paleolithic Psyllium Husk Flour (P Husk) 1000 g
Particle size: 60 MESHThe psyllium husk is suitable for direct consumption, for mixing into drinks (water, tea, fruit juice), for mixing into foods, and also for thickening them (soups, stews, etc.) It does not lead to habituation when consumed regularly or in cycles.
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31,34 ₮ 31.34 USD₮
Coslys Shower Gel and Shampoo with Rosemary and Lemon 750ml
The secret to happy skin is natural ingredients!
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20,06 ₮ 20.06 USD₮
25kg pure konjac flour
Gliadin/gluten-free, flavorless, odorless thickening agent with excellent viscosity that can be integrated into any diet, suitable for thickening foods, improving the texture of baked goods made from whole grains, breads, puddings, sauces, and jelly products.
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1403,52 ₮ 1403.52 USD₮
Paleo Coconut Cream Filled Dark Chocolate 100 g
PALEOLIT chocolate filled with coconut cream sweetened with erythritol and stevia. Healthy and delicious snack.
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3,75 ₮ 3.75 USD₮
Paleolithic Garlic Flakes 250 g
Thinly sliced, dried garlic slices
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3,30 ₮ 3.3000000000000003 USD₮
Paleolithic Dried Cherries 10kg
Delicious dried fruit made without adding sugar.
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296,72 ₮ 296.72 USD₮
Paleolithic Cold Pressed Flaxseed Flour 10kg bulk
One of the most popular paleo flours is flaxseed flour, the de-fatted ground flaxseed in a 10kg pack.
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30,93 ₮ 30.93 USD₮
Garlic press Ibili 776400
19x4x6 cm garlic press, which is an essential tool for every kitchen. It easily separates the clove from the peel, so no need for separate peeling.
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29,67 ₮ 29.67 USD₮
Date paste natural 10kg gross
Ingredients: 100% natural date paste
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45,96 ₮ 45.96 USD₮
Pitted sour cherries contain no added sugar. They naturally contain sugars.
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3,35 ₮ 3.35 USD₮
Peeled hazelnuts 500g Kalifa
Research confirms the positive effects of oily seeds. Not only are they delicious, but they are also rich in plant proteins, fibers, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals.
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17,55 ₮ 17.55 USD₮
One apple a day
At the age of 32, Emma Woolf decided to confront the biggest challenge of her life: overcome her addiction to starving, regain control over her eating habits, and fully recover from anorexia. After meeting her dream man, with whom she planned a future and children, she decided it was time to put an end to starvation and start living. And if that weren't motivation enough, Emma agreed to share her progress weekly in the pages of The Times.
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15,12 ₮ 15.120000000000001 USD₮
Paleo Cold Pressed Almond Flour 300g BOPP
The product was primarily created to facilitate the Paleo diet, but it can also be easily incorporated into other diets that avoid allergens and have low carbohydrate content. The purified almond kernels are made without chemicals, using cold pressing and grinding.
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9,20 ₮ 9.200000000000001 USD₮
Gelatin food grade, porcine 180 Bloom bulk 25000 g
Medium bloom pork skin gelatin (180 bloom).
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768,96 ₮ 768.96 USD₮
Szendi Gábor: The life of a woman 1 pc.
Nowadays, evolutionary self-awareness is especially important because only through this can we truly understand our desires, failures, and our place in the new world.
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17,64 ₮ 17.64 USD₮