Active oxygen bleach Moso Mami, 1000 g
Active oxygen bleach (100% sodium percarbonate UN 3378) Biodegradable,...
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Greenbiotic eco-friendly kitchen cleaner 500 ml
With a scent of orange, it cleans and efficiently removes dirt in the kitchen using natural and eco-friendly ingredients.
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5.01 ₮ 5.01 USD₮
Universal scrubbing detergent 250g BIONUR
Bionur Scrubbing Stone is a universal scrubbing agent that cleans, polishes, and protects in one step. It can be used for cleaning bathtubs, sinks, stoves, tiles, sinks, floors, garden furniture, shoes, and many other surfaces. Prevents rapid recontamination. Has a water-repellent effect. Efficient and economical.
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Herbow Bambino fabric softener concentrate, fragrance and allergen-free, 200 ml
Fragrance-free fabric softener concentrate with plant-based ingredients
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Fertility/ovulation test kit expect LH (4 pcs)
The Expect LH fertility test is a urine test used to determine ovulation. The release of the egg, the rupture of the follicle (ovulation) is preceded by a sudden, wave-like increase in the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) a few hours earlier. This spike in hormone levels is called the LH peak. The days around ovulation offer the highest chance of conception. With the Expect LH test, the time of follicle rupture can be determined with hour accuracy depending on the number of measurements (with daily two measurements, accuracy is within 6 hours). This can be used for both contraception and increasing the likelihood of conception. It can confirm the success of treatments that stimulate follicle development. By choosing the timing of intercourse, the probability of the child's gender can be influenced. We do not recommend it for this purpose. The box contains 4 tests. Urine samples should be taken between 10 in the morning and 8 in the evening, and wait approximately 5 minutes for the evaluation.
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Pure Splendid laundry perfume 100 ml
Enchanting women's perfume scent for divas. This feminine perfume scent is designed for our lady customers...
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Naturcleaning laundry detergent tea tree-aloe 1500 ml
Wash Taps ECO contains tea tree oil and aloe extract, being a hypoallergenic, vegan solution, free of phosphates, chlorine and...
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Premium laundry perfume Pure Charm 100 ml
The Charmed fabric softener is an unforgettable, marvelous scent composition. Its fragrance exudes luxury and...
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Goloka Prema Myrrh Incense Sticks 10 pcs
Traditional meditation incense scent, also used in healing procedures, boosts self-confidence, ...
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Greenbiotic eco-friendly bathroom cleaner 500 ml
With a clean scent and natural ingredients, Bigiba cleans and removes in an eco-friendly way...
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Product Description: NEUSTON PHARMACOPOEIA TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL 10ML Product Composition: Tea Tree Dry...
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Greenbiotic eco-friendly universal laundry gel 1000 ml
A liquid detergent suitable for both white and colored clothes, with a gentle spring breeze scent...
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Herbow bambino liquid detergent concentrate universal scent and hypoallergenic 1000 ml
Specifically for sensitive skin and allergy-prone infants, children, and adults' clothes cleaning
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Ecoizm trash bags 10l 25 pcs
Trash bags made from selectively collected waste in Hungary. 100% recycled,...
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Greenbolt washing soda 500 g
GREENSTORE WASHING SODA: Washing soda is nearly as gentle on the environment as soap nuts....
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9.50 ₮ 9.5 USD₮
Wash Taps laundry detergent teatree-aloe 4500 ml
The Wash Taps ECO contains tea tree oil and aloe extract, a hypoallergenic, vegan, phosphate-, chlorine-, and...
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27.45 ₮ 27.45 USD₮
Souldrops Moon Drops Dishwashing Liquid 750 ml
Product Description
Environmentally friendly design, with plant-based active ingredients, the special combination of surfactants is an effective grease remover. Product without hazard warning.
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Dr. M oxygen-based whitener 500 g
DR M OXYGEN BLEACH 500G PAPER BAG: Soda/natrium percarbonate enriched with oxygen....
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Naturcleaning dishwashing detergent concentrate 1000 ml
The Cudy odorless dishwashing detergent is a phosphate-free, chlorine-free concentrate for hand dishwashing. The...
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8.45 ₮ 8.45 USD₮
Souldrops Coral Drops laundry gel 1300 ml
Product Description: Suitable for colored clothes, effective even at 20°C, thanks to optimized anionic and nonionic surfactants, as well as special enzyme content and color-preserving additives.
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7.61 ₮ 7.61 USD₮
Greenbolt stain remover salt 1000 g
GREENCLEAN STAIN REMOVER SALT: Environmentally friendly salt suitable for stain removal and bleaching...
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9.98 ₮ 9.98 USD₮
Pure fabric perfume 'lovely' 100 ml
Lovely fabric softener is a true fabric conditioner scent that you will surely fall in love with. Its exciting fragrance is energizing...
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11.57 ₮ 11.57 USD₮
Indian soapnut shell, 250 g
GREENSHOP INDIAN SOAPNUT SHELLS: Soapnuts have been used in their homeland for centuries due to their effective degreasing properties...
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Premium scented peach oil 200 ml
The WC Oil toilet hygiene product is eco-friendly, Hungarian developed and manufactured, covering a thin film layer...
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Zöldbolt washing soda 2000 g
GREENSTORE WASHING SODA: Washing soda is nearly as gentle on the environment as soap nuts.
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6.65 ₮ 6.65 USD₮
Benefits: - Environmentally friendly, 100% natural - Economical, reusable multiple times - ...
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SÓPI piece
The Ceramic Salt Shaker's special, handmade ceramic body ensures durable, hygienic use. The...
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Pure laundry perfume Aqua 100 ml
This type of fragrance is more preferred by men, so we recommend it more for families with boys. The other...
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