Affiliate links and their data protection.

After registration, your affiliate settings page becomes available. On this page, you will see three of your referral links and their corresponding data protection settings.

The Bigiba system always places a 1-year valid cookie in the browser and checks it during registration. This means that if your invitee registers later, they will still be a part of your team.

The difference between the links is where the visitor lands upon opening.

Using this, the visitor lands on the homepage: affiliate code)

Using this, the visitor lands on the registration page: affiliate code)

Using this, the visitor lands on the shop page: affiliate code)

Further sharing options are available on the product pages. By using social shares, if logged in, your referral code is hidden within these shares, making visitors who arrive and register through them also part of your team.

What happens if your invitee accidentally registers without a sponsor?

No problem. They just need to click again on your affiliate link and enter their account. They will see you appear in the "Who invited you?" field under affiliate settings, and they just need to accept you by clicking the green checkmark.

Data Protection:

In affiliate settings, you can specify which personal data your direct and indirect sponsors, as well as those you invite, can see.

By default, they only see your referral code and your country of residence. Additionally, you can allow them to see your name, email address, and phone number.