Paleo Sesame Raisin Bar 250 g
The product was primarily created to facilitate the paleo diet, but it can also be easily incorporated into other allergen-free and low-carb diets.
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4,40 ₮ 4.4 USD₮
Natura oat pudding powder vanilla flavored, 40 g
NATURA OAT PUDDING POWDER VANILLA 40 G: Made mainly from oat flour, exclusively natural...
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Greenmark organic raisins 500 g
Raisins preserve the beneficial properties of grapes even in dried form, however, this way the sugar content is higher...
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Pictolin candies with eucalyptus, sweetener, 65 g
In the summer heat, it is common for our lips to become dry, but unfortunately this is more common in diabetics regardless of the season...
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827 Kitchen vegan roast in coconut oil 180 g
The traditional lard, a vegan alternative.
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Szafi Free spicy gluten-free oatmeal side dish 500 g
The Szafi Reform grain is the perfect gluten-free alternative as a side dish, risotto, or when prepared with vegetables as a vegan main dish.
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Natural gluten-free corn flakes 200 g
Extruded cornmeal perfect for breading. 100% extruded cornmeal
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Magic Milk lactose-free plain yogurt 150 g
MAGIC MILK LACTOSE-FREE YOGURT NATURAL The Magic Milk lactose-free yogurt, besides being tasty,...
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3,96 ₮ 3.96 USD₮
Gluten-free Love Diet Szarvacska (elbow) dry pasta 500 g
GLUTEN-FREE LOVE DIET PASTA 500G Love Diet ...... Gluten-free Pasta 500g....
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2,15 ₮ 2.15 USD₮
Nébar Naturpro 100% Almond Butter 180 g
Our 100% nut creams speak for themselves in terms of taste. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as desserts, shakes, dips...
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Fertőd sour cherry syrup 700 ml
FERTŐD CHERRY DRINK Among the classic Hungarian syrups, cherry is always present, which...
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Birch sugar lemon flavored neapolitan 180 g
Birch sugar napolitain rich in dietary fiber, a favorite of all ages. The modern dessert...
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Natura nutellino 200 g
NATURA NUTELLINO Heat-treated blanched peanuts are finely ground without any additives...
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Powerfruit pro+ vegi carrot-beetroot apple flavored soft drink 750 ml
Low-energy drink with 12% vegetable and fruit content, made from carrots, lemon, and apples, with spring water,...
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Solio soybean oil 200 ml
COLD PRESSED SOYA OIL Solio soya oil is cold pressed and is known for its rich composition of fatty acids, both saturated and unsaturated...
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Sunvita intense orange balls 80 g
Gluten-free, vegan snack made from dried fruits with no added sugar. Ingredients:...
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Ataisz vega mix natural 200 g
Product description VEGA-MIX NATÚR 200 G
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Haas classic citric acid 15 g
It can be used to prevent darkening of jams, pickles, and syrups, as well as for pickling. ...
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Honey Bigiba 1 kg
Product DescriptionMINCED MEAT DUST WITH LEEK 200 G
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827 Kitchen vegan
Soy-based meat substitute, the vegan alternative to traditional sandwich ham. Ingredients: soy, soy sauce (water, salt, wheat flour, soybeans, sugar), salt, spices. Allergens: wheat, soy.
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Biorganik organic tapioca starch 250 g
Tapioca is cultivated in tropical regions around the world for its starchy root, which is used to make flour, bread, starch, and alcoholic beverages. Manioc was likely first cultivated by the Maya people on the Yucatan Peninsula.
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Schar gluten-free snackers 115 g
Nutritional value per 100g: 1920 Kj/456 kcal; Fat: 15 g, of which saturates: 8.2g; Carbohydrate: 73g, of which sugars:...
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Greenmark organic flaxseed brown 250 g
Flaxseeds are worth consuming due to their high fiber content and high essential fatty acid content.
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Gofit premium gluten-free oat flakes 500 g
Gluten-free, hulled and cleaned whole oat grains made from natural premium oat flakes. The premium product consists of specially crispy, large-grained flakes. 100% grown in Hungary. Free from added additives.
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Granny's mildly salty gluten-free tortilla chips 150 g
Product description: GLUTEN-FREE GRANNYS NATURAL TORTILLA CHIPS 150G. Product composition: ...
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Schar gluten-free mini baguette pre-baked 2x75g 150g
SCHAR GLT. MINI BAGETT DUO 150G. Gluten-free product.
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5,12 ₮ 5.12 USD₮
St.Dalfour Mixed Fruit Jam 284 g
Jam made with gentle process based on original French traditions, with natural flavor and high fruit content.
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6,21 ₮ 6.21 USD₮
Fruttamax bubble 12 raspberry 500 ml
Fruttamax fruit syrup with 50% raspberry fruit content, 1:23 dilution ratio, sweetened with Stevia and isomalt sugar...
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Schar gluten-free flour blend for pasta 1000 g
SCHAR GLUTEN-FREE FLOUR 1000 G: Specifically designed for making gluten-free cakes, pastries...
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6,71 ₮ 6.71 USD₮
Bigiba health market, Mogyi lemon-vanilla flavored slice chocolate 30 g
Cheesecake bar alternative. Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, paleo, vegan cheesecake bar alternative, dipped in peanut chocolate.
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Dénes-Natura Potato Flour 500 g
NATURA POTATO STARCH is sifted from the fluffy version of the potato to remove the finer grain size part, ...
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5,51 ₮ 5.51 USD₮