Eden premium easy pasta black bean pasta spirals 200 g
Pleasant-tasting gluten-free dry pasta made from black bean. Ingredients: black bean flour, water, psyllium...
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Dénes-Natura Potato Flakes 500 g
NATURA POTATO FLAKES After complete removal of water content from the potato ...
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5,18 ₮ 5.18 USD₮
Serena sun-dried tomatoes 100 g
Product without added sugar, preservatives, or SO2. Ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes. In nature...
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St.Dalfour Mixed Fruit Jam 284 g
Jam made with gentle process based on original French traditions, with natural flavor and high fruit content.
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6,23 ₮ 6.23 USD₮
DayUp is perfect for those rushing to work in the morning, a snack for the kids at 10am, or a small treat in the afternoon, but also great for a light energy boost after a workout.
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Haas natural hair fixer 10 g
Hass Natural gluten-free whipped cream stabilizer, 200ml for cream.
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Sunvita fruit slices with pineapple, apricots and almonds 30 g
Contains no added sugar. Only the natural sugars found naturally in fruits...
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Vegan Grill smoked grill bass 400 g
Ingredients: wheat gluten, drinking water, oat flakes, wheat flour, corn flour, coconut oil, table salt,...
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Dr. Chen's original Chinese green tea with jasmine (20 x 2 g) 20 pcs
Valuable active ingredients - primarily polyphenols - have antioxidant effects, protecting the cells...
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Biorganik bio kukoricadara 500 g
Coarse cornmeal with a rough texture. Made from organic corn.
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Biona organic coconut aminos sauce 250 ml
Made from coconut water and a touch of sea salt, coconut aminos sauce provides a perfect alternative to soy sauce, naturally gluten-free and soy-free. This versatile sauce has a sweet and salty flavor, ideal for marinating and seasoning savory dishes.
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Hungarian honey manufactory organic acacia honey 250 g
Acacia honey ranges in color from white to a light greenish yellow. It has a pleasant mild taste, reminiscent of acacia flowers...
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Eden premium buckwheat pasta penne 200 g
Energy: 1640 kJ/392 Kcal, Fat: 3.1 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 0.64 g, Carbohydrates: 75.7 g...
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2,91 ₮ 2.91 USD₮
2,55 ₮ 2.5500000000000003 USD₮
Greenmark organic pine nuts 50 g
It can be used in salads or other dishes, its pleasant flavor comes out even more when toasted.
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Annapanni sourdough flour mix 1000 g
AnnaPanni sourdough flour mix, gluten-free.
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Superior Pearl River light soy sauce 500 ml
SOY SAUCE LIGHT Soy sauce is the most common spice in Asian cuisine. Popular in China and...
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Chocolate with milk and raisins 80 g
Product descriptionReady to eat as a finished product.
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GULLON CHIP CHOCO SUGAR-FREE BISCUIT 150g (42% wheat flour), sugar-free chocolate chunks 25%,...
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Twinings lemon and ginger herbal tea, 40 g
Twinings Lemon and Ginger herbal tea bags to maintain a good well-being.
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Birch sugar Neapolitan hazelnut 180 g
Birch sugar napolitan rich in dietary fiber is a favorite of all ages. The modern confectionery...
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2,52 ₮ 2.52 USD₮
Alce Nero organic carrot-lentil pesto 130 g
Product DescriptionBigiba Carrot and Lentil Pesto by Alce Nero is made with selected ingredients and enriched only with extra virgin olive oil. Ideal as a pasta sauce or for cooking many dishes. Low in fat.
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Verbena raspberry candy, 60 g
The active ingredients in rosehips can be excellent supplementary sources for the human body....
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Sonnentor organic whole cinnamon 6 pcs
Cinnamon from certified organic farming. Cinnamon (Cinnamon verum) is grown in Asia, Sri Lanka, China...
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Vega Farm smoked cereal sausage 550 g
VEGA FARM DELICIOUS SMOKED CEREAL SAUSAGE Enhancer with no artificial flavor, color, or preservatives,...
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Natura whey protein concentrate 500 g
NATURAL WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE - Alleviate anxiety and tension - Improve...
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Barilla gluten-free penne pasta 400 g
Product descriptionIngredients: white corn flour 65%, yellow corn flour 29.5%, rice flour 5%, drinking water, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.
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7,44 ₮ 7.44 USD₮
Hulala - 200 ml confectionery cream base ingredient
Hulala, a gluten- and lactose-free plant-based whipped cream ingredient, is an excellent choice for desserts and...
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2,58 ₮ 2.58 USD₮
Stock up! whole grain rye flour RL 190 - 1000 g
Rye flour with low gluten content, use it mixed with wheat flour! Its starch structure is also...
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4,29 ₮ 4.29 USD₮
Torras gluten-free coffee dark chocolate without added sugar, 75 g
Torras coffee dark chocolate, without added sugar, sweetened with sweetener
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2,93 ₮ 2.93 USD₮
Xylitol chewing gum, peppermint, 30 pieces
Xylitol is a completely natural substance, a natural sweetener (sugar alcohol) found in berries, fibrous plants, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. It's good to know that it is also present in the human body! An average adult produces 15g of xylitol daily in the metabolism process. Pure xylitol has a crystalline structure and in appearance and taste can be similar to table sugar from sugar beets or sugarcane, but due to its different atomic structure and nutritional value, it is considered a 'sugar-free' sweetener. Of course, consuming Xylitol chewing gum cannot replace brushing teeth and regular dental check-ups! - Its regular use can prevent or reduce the formation and adhesion of plaque on the surface of teeth. - Studies have shown that Xylitol can be particularly effective in promoting the repair of minor damages and cracks on tooth enamel. - The bacteria naturally present in the oral cavity, which cause tooth decay, feed on dietary sugar (sucrose) derived from sugar beets or cane, breaking it down and metabolizing it. However, they cannot break down xylitol with its different atomic structure, disrupting their metabolism and reproduction. This can reduce the occurrence of tooth decay. According to international studies, in groups that chewed 100% xylitol-sweetened gum 3 times a day, the rate of tooth decay decreased by up to 60-70%.
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Dia-Wellness Paleo Orange Jam 380 g
NUTRITION FACTS: Average nutritional value per 100 g of product: Energy: 200 KJ/48 kcal Fat: 0.1 g of which saturates...
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Dénes-Natura Toasted Buckwheat 1000 g
BUCKWHEAT Buckwheat, also known as kasha, used to belong to the simple peasant dishes. The...
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5,96 ₮ 5.96 USD₮
Soy product, spicy vegetable soy salami 200 g
Product 100% genetically modified, without preservatives, additives, artificial colors, meat, eggs, white flour,...
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3,86 ₮ 3.86 USD₮
Mackerel fillet in olive oil in a 120g can
Ingredients: olive oil, salt, mackerel
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7,35 ₮ 7.3500000000000005 USD₮
BioMenü organic beetroot powder 125 g
A reliable classic multivitamin supplement containing a rich amount of minerals and trace elements. An important component in natural liver detox programs.
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8,06 ₮ 8.06 USD₮