Soliteint tanning oil 150 ml
SUN TANNING OIL SOLITEINT with vitamin E, carotene and nourishing, natural avocado oil and palm oil...
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4.31 ₮ 4.3100000000000005 USD₮
Dr. Kelen Sunsolar Plus cream 150 ml
Maximizes skin protection while visibly enhancing the depth of tan achievable during tanning sessions at the solarium...
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9.06 ₮ 9.06 USD₮
Körös sun oil pump 100 ml
Counteracts the drying out of the skin and the uncomfortable feeling associated with sun exposure.
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5.24 ₮ 5.24 USD₮
Dr. Kelen sunsolar bronzing cream 12 ml
The self-tanning component guarantees a tan that appears 3-5 hours after application, while the...
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1.17 ₮ 1.17 USD₮
Dr.Kelen SunSolar Plus cream 12 ml
Allows you to tan more healthily in less time. Before tanning, on the face,...
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1.01 ₮ 1.01 USD₮
Dr. Kelen Sunsolar anti-age cream 12 ml
Dual-action, modern product delivering a striking, decorative tan achievable during tanning sessions...
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1.04 ₮ 1.04 USD₮
Dr.Kelen Sunsave F50+ kids sunscreen 100 ml
DR.KELEN SUNSAVE F50+ CHILDREN'S SUNSCREEN. Clinically tested, extremely strong sunscreen with high UV protection....
BAM Score: 0.50
11.27 ₮ 11.27 USD₮
Dr.Kelen sunsave f30 sport sunspray 150 ml
DR. KELEN SUNSAVE F30 SPORT SUN SPRAY. Specifically designed for outdoor sports (sailing, rowing,...
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11.52 ₮ 11.52 USD₮
Jutavit Apotheke Solar Sunscreen SPF 30 200 ml
JUTAVIT PHARMACY SOLAR SUNSCREEN Water resistant, fast absorbing formula with UVA/UVB protection. Protects against...
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12.59 ₮ 12.59 USD₮
Dr. Kelen sunsolar green coffee 12 ml
Next generation top solarium cream. The high tyrosine and ATP content bronzing cream, tanning...
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1.14 ₮ 1.1400000000000001 USD₮
Dr. Kelen Sunsave sunburn gel 150 ml
Immediate help for sunburned skin in case of sun allergy. After sun gel, cools instantly,...
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7.46 ₮ 7.46 USD₮
Dr.Kelen Sunsave f50 Natura sun spray 150 ml
Extremely strong protection. The new generation NaturA sun spray provides UVA protection exclusively with natural...
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13.85 ₮ 13.85 USD₮
Soothing balm for skin after sunbathing and solarium 150 ml
Ingredients (INCI): Aqua,...
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3.29 ₮ 3.29 USD₮