Hulala - 200 ml confectionery cream base ingredient
Hulala, a gluten- and lactose-free plant-based whipped cream ingredient, is an excellent choice for desserts and...
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Trigramm extra virgin coconut oil VCO 500 ml
Cold-pressed, premium quality vegetable oil.
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8.49 ₮ 8.49 USD₮
Alpro Almond Drink Sugar Free 1000 ml
Who needs artificial flavors when you have almonds? We lightly toast Mediterranean almonds to bring out their natural flavor - then finely grind them and blend with natural spring water. The result is an almond drink that is not only heavenly in taste but also an excellent source of antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin E. Lactose-free and low in saturated fats. And the best part? It's simply sinfully good! If you're still skeptical, we can assure you that this product is made only from almonds, without soy.
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Biogold organic sunflower oil 1000 ml
Product Description
Cold-pressed 100% sunflower oil for salads, making cold dishes, and cooking
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1.32 ₮ 1.32 USD₮
Rabbit buckwheat drink powder 400 g
RABBIT OAT DRINK POWDER Produced in a facility processing casein and soy. Allergens: soy,...
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6.95 ₮ 6.95 USD₮
Gere Villány grape seed oil 100% 250 ml
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it protects the body's immune system, improves vision, and helps the heart...
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11.82 ₮ 11.82 USD₮
9.30 ₮ 9.3 USD₮
The Bridge organic rice milk with cocoa 1000 ml
THE BRIDGE BIO RICE DRINK CHOCOLATE Verified organic farming, rice-based, chocolate-flavored...
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Valentine's 100% peanut oil 500 ml
Why is peanut oil good? Peanuts are prepared using dry roasting technology, so they do not...
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Rabbit rice drink powder 400 g
GLUTEN-FREE RICE POWDER Bigiba Recommended for: breakfast drinks, cereals, smoothie blends, but...
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Solio Omega refined olive oil 500 ml
Food oil with high Omega-3 and low Omega-6 fatty acid content.
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Balint organic milk thistle seed oil cold pressed 100% 50 ml
What is marithornseed oil good for? Digestive problems reliefTreatment of stomach problemsDetoxifying effect
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12.05 ₮ 12.05 USD₮
Natur organic wheat germ oil, 100 ml
NATUR ORGANIC WHEAT GERM OIL Mineral content is rich: iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium...
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7.01 ₮ 7.01 USD₮
Grapoila cold-pressed poppy seed oil 250 ml
An oil with a pale yellow color and a characteristic scent of poppy seeds. Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which...
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Riso Scotti vital almond rice milk 1000 ml
Riso Vital Rizsital with almonds, B12 and D vitamins, calcium, vegan and gluten-free.
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Solio saffron seed oil 200 ml
Recommended for strengthening the digestive system, for caring for oily, problematic, or teenage skin...
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Solio walnut oil 200 ml
COLD PRESSED WALNUT OIL SOLIO A very pleasant tasting high natural iodine content oil. Rich...
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9.21 ₮ 9.21 USD₮
Pödör organic flaxseed oil 250 ml
The Pödör Bio flaxseed oil is unfiltered and sun-yellow in color, specifically fine, distinctive, and pleasing...
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Ecomil organic thai sauce 200 ml
Culinary specialty made from coconut milk. Organic, gluten-free, and vegan.
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Coconut cream 200ml Cocomas
Preservative- and chemical-free coconut cream, an important ingredient in the paleo kitchen.
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Kara Coconut Cream 500ml
Cholesterol freePreservative freeFlavor freeColorant freeGluten free
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Ecomil organic bechamel sauce 200 ml
Product description: BIO ECOMIL BECHAMEL SAUCE/CREAM 200ML Product composition: Water,...
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Coconut oil for frying and cooking in a bucket 1000 ml
Coconut oil is obtained by pressing the flesh of the coconut, it is pure and odorless. Ordering coconut oil in the summer: Due to the warm weather, we can only send bucket-sized coconut oils by courier at your own risk. If the product is damaged or leaks during shipping, we cannot take responsibility for the damage caused. In the summer heat, we recommend ordering coconut oils for personal pickup, or in the case of shipping, choosing refill packaging instead of the buckets. Thank you for your understanding!
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Vegetarian oat drink powder 400 g
Oat milk can be used instead of cow's milk. It helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. It is lactose-free and...
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5.07 ₮ 5.07 USD₮
Kara Classic UHT Coconut Milk 200ml
Cholesterol free Preservative free Flavor free Colorant free Trans fat free
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1.56 ₮ 1.56 USD₮
Ecomil organic coconut milk for culinary use 500 ml
100% plant-based and lactose-free (suitable for vegetarians and vegans). Contains less than 8% fat!
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6.36 ₮ 6.36 USD₮
Solio argan oil 200 ml
SOLIO ARGAN OIL The argan tree is one of the oldest tree species on Earth. It is found exclusively in southwestern Morocco...
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Nature Cook cocoa butter 100 g
Nature Cookta Cocoa Butter is a completely natural fat, with a slight cocoa aroma that is special...
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